Over the weekend I heard an interesting conversation on the radio with an academic from Oxford University. At the start, when I heard that he was a philosopher I rolled my eyes and questioned what relevance this could have to the real world. The introduction then went on to say that this academic had done his PhD studies in the writings of Enid Blyton, at which point I guffawed (translation for young people … LoL). What practical purpose could there be in this? I stayed on because I was driving and new that the news was coming up. The academic had done an analysis of Blyton’s books looking at the idea of morality education. He identified a range of key moral principles that her books reinforced – the value of sport to teach teamwork; the absolute need for fair play as a basis for justice; being kind; looking after your friends; etc. There were two core ideas though that he saw in Blyton’s work as an ethicist, her two central principles of living the good life: 1. Don’t take yourself too seriously; 2. The experience of other people is real and of value.

These two simple yet challenging principles are important life lessons (if only someone else had come up with them). I think they are essential for all of us but especially for our young men learning what it means to be a real person in our world. To me they embody a deep spiritual principle – ‘putting others first’, which essentially is the Gospel message.

Call for Volunteers

  • Legacy has asked the College Community to help out with supplying volunteers at the Brisbane Marathon Festival on Sunday 6 August. Tasks may include course marshaling, helping to start the event, handing out refreshments/medals at the finish line and managing the baggage area. Volunteers must be over the age of 14. If you are interested in volunteering, please send your name, mobile number and email address to Claire Hughes at

Coming up in the Identity Area of the College over the next week or so:

  • Year 7 Retreat is on Wednesday 19 July. The boys are asked to wear their sports uniform. We will be working here at the College to begin the day and then walking down to Curlew Park for the remainder of the school day. The boys will return to the College before 3:00pm and can be collected from the College. Lunch is provided but the boys are asked to bring their own morning tea.
  • The Paddies’ Van ministries are recommencing this coming week, volunteers are needed.
  • Catholic Education Week begins on Sunday 23 July

Prayers of the Faithful

That the Lord of the Harvest may open the hearts of our young people to the possibility of a life in the priesthood, diaconate or Religious Life. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord hear our prayer.

Mr Tim Kenny – Dean of Identity