As part of our website face-lift the College newsletter, the Calling, has undergone some changes. A number of years ago the College moved away from printing the Calling to a PDF digital version. Links to this PDF were publicised each week and parents could access the PDF through the College website. Over time the content of the Calling ballooned and we frequently had in excess of 20 pages. A number of parents found the volume of material frustrating, as many items were not relevant to you or your son/s. Alongside this the College began to make much wider use of our College intranet facility (Parent Portal) and its associated administrative site (Parent Lounge). Rather than duplicate where key information was kept and to streamline access to resources the Calling slowly evolved to be more of a menu service for links to different parts of Connect. As a PDF format this didn't always translate well, with many parents often flagging issues with links.

We know how important it is that you can access the information you need. We have modified the layout of the Calling so that the great number of parents who access it through mobile devices such as iphones and iPads will have easier access. We are still in the process of refining the overall layout but its present configuration should allow anyone, regardless of which device they acces it through (PC, iPad or smartphone) to scroll through the entire Calling and identify articles which are relevant or interesting and read more. A menu down the side should cater for those people who wish to just skip to certain sections.

Thank you to the parents who have contacted us and offered feedback or brought glitches to our attention. We will continue to refine the overall look and feel of the Calling until we are sure you are able to readily access the information that you need each week. Importantly, a print feature (allowing you to print articles at home) has been requested and should be operational soon.

Thank you for your patience as we iron out the initial teething problems.

Ms Zoe Morgan - Assistant Principal - Strategic Operations