There is absolutely no doubt that most of the articles you will read this week will make mention of how wonderful our Back to Shorncliffe Day was. I thought long and hard whether or not to add to the long list of praise, but am of the belief that it would be doing our College community a disservice not to make some mention of the day. To all the parents, students, organisers, ground staff and future families, well done. Personally, I could not have been prouder as I walked to my car late on Saturday evening to be a member of the St Patrick's College community, and I hope you felt the same. Be it the music program that so wonderfully flew the St Patrick’s flag, our football men who demonstrated sportsmanship of the highest level or the rugby men who continued to play with pride, discipline and trust, I am proud of you all.

The importance of forming strong connections and positive relationships between your son and the College is often discussed. I am sure some of our families had good reasons for not being able to attend on the day, however, if you simply didn’t see the importance not only have you sent a clear message to your son about the importance of being connected to this community, you missed the best day to be involved in at St Patrick’s College. The day is so much more than a football game, a musical performance or a morning tea. It is a celebration of all that we as a College stand for. I hope to see even more of our families at Back to Shorncliffe Day in 2018.Be warned though, bring a chair as it will be standing room only!

As we now progress into the last few days of school for Semester 1 it is a great time to stop and take stock of how your son is travelling in relation to the following:

  • Equipment – pens, books, etc
  • Uniform – new hat, shoe polished
  • Haircut in preparation for Term 3
  • Negative study habits that have crept in across the term.

I wish all our families an enjoyable holiday period and look forward to your son returning refreshed and ready to attack the second half of the year.

Fight the Good Fight

Mr Darren Kearney – Dean of Students