The last few weeks have been incredibly busy in the business department with a number of extra-curricular activities in full swing. Outlined below are some of the key events our young men have been involved in.

Queensland Legal Studies Youth Parliament

Attending Queensland Youth Parliament with my colleagues Ethan Green, Sam Essex and Joe Grew-Figuerola was a truly inspiring experience. Participating in impassioned discussion with fellow students from across the state allowed us to expand our minds and consider various different social issues that shed a practical light on our regular legal studies lessons and contexts. My peers and I relished in the chance to speak openly about political issues with healthy rebuttal so we found this experience incredibly rewarding. On behalf of all the legal studies students I’d like to thank the College and the wider community for making this challenging and enlightening experience possible.

Elijah Huth


Bond University National Moot Competition

The Year 11 mooting team competed in the highly prestigious Bond University mooting competition which hosts schools from all around Australia. This event was the first time any of our team had competed in a Moot and we were all nervous and excited about the prospects of getting a taste for advocacy in the courtroom. Our preparation was led by Mr Matthew Robertson who guided us through the moot problem. We had many afternoons and lunchtime preparation meetings where we researched, discussed and argued about the law, cases and the impact of the case on our client. Our final chance to prepare took place in our legal studies class in front of two of our current pre-service teachers who have many years’ experience working in the legal profession, their advice and feedback was an excellent assistance to us.

Our moot problem this year was one involving two young people, drinking alcohol and driving under the influence. While we represented the young lady who had been horribly injured by the drunk driver who took her home and crashed in the process our opponents from AB Patterson College on the Gold Coast represented the young man and his insurance company as they attempted to shift some of the blame for our client’s injuries to her as she got in the car with the drunk driver. Whilst we advocated strongly we were unlucky not to advance given the strong nature of our arguments and the impact that this case had on our client.

The team this year consisted of Nicholas Easey (Senior Counsel), Maxwell Freedman (Junior Counsel), Xavier Bell (Instructing Solicitor), Lucas McKerihan (Solicitor). I know that all of us gained so much out of this process and we are eager to continue on our mooting journey.

Lucas McKerihan


Moreton Bay Law Association High School Moot Competition

Last Tuesday afternoon our trusty band of dedicated mooters all piled into the Paddies Van and were ably chauffeured by Mr de Villiers across to the Redcliffe Magistrates court to compete in the Moreton Bay Law Associations High School Moot Competition. This team consisted of Ethan Calloway as Senior Counsel, myself as junior counsel and Tom Kelman as instructing solicitor. This moot was different to many others given that the task was to advocate on behalf of our client for the granting of a Temporary Protection Order under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld). While we had a tough case to address, our team were supported in the lead-up by old boy Adam Lukacs who provided excellent assistance and advice on the finer points of our written submissions. Although we narrowly lost the overall competition I believe that we all learnt the most valuable aspect of advocacy in the courtroom, that is that if in doubt, consult your learned colleague.

Josep Grew-Figuerola


Mr Jonathan Brough - Head of Curriculum - Business Studies