It’s hard to believe that we are now half-way through the term and for many students and teachers, experiencing our first ‘uninterrupted’ five-day week of teaching and learning. Thank you to all parents that could attend the Parent Teacher Interviews in Week 3, particularly the Mentoring meetings for our Year 11 and 12 students. It was an opportunity to take stock and look at current levels of achievement against the targets set. With only three or so weeks to go until Exam Block, these students should have now put in place all structures and plans that were decided upon to achieve these targets. It is important that these targets are viewed as Learning Goals, with Performance Goals a reflection of the learning. We must ensure we are promoting learning goals because, according to Daniel Pink, author of Drive, if a student is single-mindedly focused on performance goals, and achieves them, they are less likely to retain what they have learned, less likely to persist when things are more challenging and less likely to understand the importance of what they are learning. Alternatively, a focus on a learning goal will lead to mastery, and ultimately, the performance goal.

Monday night this week our Year 12 Parents and Sons attended a Progress Check meeting. The message was clear to the students: work hard until the very end and leave nothing in the tank. Students were given some very specific figures in terms of how many weeks, how many days and how many lessons are left. Although it may seem early in the year, now is the time to start considering which Expos and Tertiary Open Days are pertinent for informed decision making around post school pathways. A particularly informative website is the QTAC one which lists important dates. You can access this via:

Ms Elizabeth Gaber - Dean of Administration & Business Intelligence