As you may be aware, our students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are using the Online Literacy Program called Education Perfect.

This is an excellent program which provides learning material for students in English, Maths, Science and Indonesian. Teachers have set the students Modules and tests to complete each week. These Modules provide great support material for the learning in each subject area. The focus in English is on language conventions, reading comprehension and writing skills in narrative and persuasive tasks which will benefit the students when they undertake their NAPLAN tests in May.

As the parent, you should feel free to ask your son to show you the work he has been covering in Education Perfect. It is recorded on the site and shows an analysis of his results in all areas as well. It is an exciting and fun way to learn these basic skills. All students have been allocated one English lesson a week to work on English Modules in Education Perfect and the class teachers check their progress during this time. It would also be advisable for parents to check that their sons have completed the tasks that have been set for homework by his class teacher.

Here is a link to a video which explains the English Tasks and analysis:

This is some of the feedback comments made by some of our students:

Lachlan Waterson (learning English & Literature): "I enjoyed it very much"

Thomas Kerrigan (learning English & Literature): "Education Perfect is a fun site with a lot of opportunities to learn and to fix mistakes. There is so much to do on education perfect, I love it."

Hunter O'Neil (learning English & Literature): "It was a really fun way to learn and it kind of became competitive and I didn’t even realise that I was learning"

Harrison Langbecker (learning English & Literature): "It’s easier to use than writing out homework for a number of different subjects"

Liam Botting (learning English & Literature): "Education perfect is great."

Alistair Beagrie (learning English & Literature): "I am so proud of this website!!!!!!!!!!"

Kyle Beaufoy (learning English & Literature): "Thank you for making this lessons. They are really helping me improve my marks."

Andy Huynh (learning English & Literature): "Thank you Ms Moro, these English tasks are enjoyable and fun to learn. These activities help me understand more about short stories."

Joshua Magoffin (learning English & Literature): "I like the reading activity"

Cole Smart (learning English & Literature): "Education Perfect is the epitome of learning websites. I find Education Perfect is the perfect tool for learning with its simple to learn but far reaching exercises. Thanks you for recommending this amazing website to me."

Clayton Davies (learning English & Literature): "I love the Idea of education perfect, it rocks, same with my teacher."

Rory Thomsen (learning English & Literature): "education perfect is awesome"

Quinn Lawson (learning English & Literature): "Thanks miss for doing this u r da best"

Lachlan Pollock (learning English & Literature): "I love education perfect, it’s fun and helps me learn at the same time it’s fun!!!!!!"

Jacob Adam (learning English & Literature): "Education Perfect is a wonderful teaching tool and is really great to use as a student myself."

Connor Chadwick (learning English & Literature): "This needs a bit of work. There are too many easy questions. otherwise I love it.

Noah Willmott (learning English & Literature): "Really helpful, thanks"

Joyal Vincent (learning English & Literature): "Education Perfect is an amazing tool that makes it easy to understand what we have learned in class!"

If you have any comments or questions about the program please let me know via email or by contacting the school on PH: 3631 9000

Ms Susan Werba - Head of English Curriculum