Welcome back to Term 2.

I hope the Easter break was a relaxing and refreshing time for all. I was most interested in the Easter message given by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. These are indeed testing times in a number of regions across the world. Whilst we have much to be grateful for in living in this great country, we still share some responsibility with others as fellow human beings and global citizens. The Archbishop spoke of Easter being a time of new growth and hope and out of the current distresses of the world everyone wants to have hope for a better world. There appeared to be a common theme between what was said by Archbishop Coleridge and Church leaders of other faiths. The theme, to me, appeared to centre on a global responsibility to rediscover or reconstruct our humanity. Without respect for each other as human beings, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to negotiate our differences around issues. That is not to say that there has not been wrongdoing by some, but it is through a sense of humanity that some form of peaceful resolution can take place. As members of the Catholic Church, it is incumbent on all of us to nurture a sense of humanity within our communities through the promotion (and enactment) of love and respect for the dignity for all that we encounter. Let us all hope that this sense of humanity arises on the world scene and our young men will look forward to a world full of hope and love rather than intolerance and hate.

The first three weeks of this Term are all short weeks. Next week is not only one day short because of the ANZAC Day holiday, but there will also be no classes on Monday due to the ANZAC commemorative service and the Shore 2 Gate and cross-country activities. The following week, there will be the May Day holiday and also a day missed of classes due to the Parent/Teacher Interviews. That week will also include a longer College assembly due to the trimester sports awards and the Edmund Rice Feast Mass on the Friday morning. In essence we will miss five and a half days due to holidays and other activities. This means that there is no time to be lost by the students in getting back into their study habits for this term. Students who start slowly will become lost and behind very quickly. I would encourage all parents to spend some time with their son as a matter of priority to assist him to become organised for these missing days and discuss what action he will put into place to keep up with his work.

In the last weeks of the Term 1, I published a brief discussion paper in regard to developing a shared vision for the College for the next five years. I would like to thank the parents who were able to attend the parent forum last night and those parents who were able to send back on-line responses to give feedback for this vision. We will complete the process by interviewing a number of student representatives over the next two weeks. The materials gathered from staff, students and parents will be collated and used to develop the vision. This will then inform our new College Strategic Plan and Master Plan and also inform many of our decision regarding the College over this period of time.

During Tuesday afternoon’s assembly I set the young men a very simple challenge. I asked each of them to sit with their parents and open and review their report with them. I also asked them to own their report and results without excuses and to discuss ways, with their parents, in which they can improve their results into the future. This could also be the basis of the discussion that they can have with their teachers and parents during the Parent/Teacher Interviews. Each young man in Year 7-12 has also set himself an end of semester target result for each of his subjects. This would also be a good time to see if he is still on track to achieve this target or whether adjustments have to be made.

We have finally been able to move our College Uniform Shop over to the Sea View Building from the start of this term. This has meant that we adjusted the shop hours to suit the collection of uniforms, jerseys and other merchandise during and after school hours. The new hours are:

  • TUESDAY: 12:00noon-4:00pm
  • WEDNESDAY: 12:00noon-4:00pm
  • THURSDAY: 7:30am-11:30am

These hours allow for parents or students to collect any items before or after school. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students may collect items during their lunchtime, however measures will be put into place so that students in the first lunch (Yrs 5-8) will be assisted to cross Pier Avenue if they need to do so. It is our aim to have an on-line ordering program in place to make the process more efficient into the future.

This term we start the chess, football and rugby seasons. In all cases our games this week are trial matches. In Chess this evening we compete against Nudgee College, our fellow EREA College from “up the road”, and in Rugby and Football we compete against St Edmund’s College from Ipswich. Once again we have a large number of staff involved in these co-curricular activities and their support and expertise is very much valued and appreciated. We also have the added cultural competitions for Debating and Theatresports, as well as other musical and choral performances spread throughout the term commencing with the ANZAC ceremony on Monday morning.

Our Year 12 students host their partners at our Formal tomorrow night. This is always a very enjoyable occasion and I look forward to this year’s event. I am sure that each one of the young men and women will have an enjoyable night.

On Monday morning we will hold our ANZAC commemorative service on the beachfront at the front of the College. It will be a very moving and poignant event and I would like to invite any parents who would like to join us for this occasion. Based on last year, it is truly a worthwhile event to attend. Also, once again this year we are expecting many of our students to join us for the ANZAC Day March in Sandgate. If your son wishes to march with us, he will need to be in his full formal school uniform and assemble outside of the Sandgate RSL Club by 8:50am.

God Bless

Mr Chris Mayes - College Principal