A phone call from Ken, 85 years old, of Carseldine informed our office that a College blazer and other clothing items had been picked up in the bushes at a park nearby and Ken wished to have them returned to the College. Our Maintenance Man, Neville Dowell, went to Ken’s address on Tuesday 21 March, met Ken, thanked him and retrieved the College blazer, grey trousers, senior tie and sports shirt, together with an Old Boys Cap from 2011.

After much detective work, Ngaire O’Driscoll, in the Student Office, was able to guide us to the possible owner. A mobile phone number and Bingo we had the original owner. The owner’s Mum was surprised that we had the articles mentioned as these had been stolen from her home some two weeks earlier. Big Wes was happy to donate all clothing to the College and grateful that they had not been mutilated or disfigured. Thank you Ken for finding these articles of College clothing, Neville for collecting them, and Big Wes for donating same to the College and, through us, to St Vinnies.

Brother Chris Pritchard