Learning the Lessons That Life Has to Teach Us

The journey of Lent is about learning the lessons that life has to teach us. Pope Francis called us this Lent to see “people as gifts” not as ‘nuisances’, he challenged us to “open the doors of our hearts” to truly experience what God is offering to us.

I would like to share with you two more reflections from our India Immersion group. Calum and TJ have an incredible message for us to reflect on during this season of preparation for the resurrection of Easter.

“I learnt that the language of a smile is universal and is something everyone can relate to. This experience taught me the virtue of gratitude and to be thankful for everything that I have. I am grateful to be born into a family and community that accepts me for who I am no matter my physical abilities. I am grateful to be born into a country that values education so highly, it is seen almost as a necessity. I am grateful to be born into a world where my government is compassionate towards the disabled and less fortunate people. I am grateful that I can have a childhood where I don’t need an occupation that will ultimately be the difference between my family eating and not being able to afford it. As I have seen firsthand, and I hope you can understand too, Australia and St Patrick’s College is a wonderful place, a place that only a minority of the world’s population can experience its beauty. I challenge you to recognise the next time you complain about the air conditioning, amount of assignments you have or running out of pizza squares, that these aren’t problems. My message today is simple; be grateful for what you have, you’re lucky to have it.”
Calum Douglass
India. A place full of awesomeness, a place where people are humbly grateful not grumbly hateful. Even those who have nothing, offer everything to their God and to the people who visit, pilgrims like the 11 boys of the 2K16 India Immersion. If we compare India to Australia, we have everything, yet we are never satisfied with what we have. We have an abundance of fresh clean water to drink, food to eat, a home to live and sleep in and much more. But still we are grumbly hateful. Still we envy, we are jealous of the things we have not obtained and the people whom have obtained them. We all have the sickness of materialism. A sickness which kills life, joy and hope…Being humbly grateful for what we have is all I ask of you. To rid yourself of vanities and to just go with the seasons. Because there are many, many, children out there in the world, in India, even here in Australia, who do not have the opportunities that we do. Therefore we should not hesitate because we are privileged to live such a good life, privileged to be able to attend the school we attend. Remember to be humbly grateful for the days you are given, be humbly grateful to your parents who work day and night for your education, be humbly grateful to your family, be humbly grateful to your teachers for teaching us five days a week, and be humbly grateful for what you have.
Tapenaga Reupena

To conclude I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making our celebration of St Patrick’s Day such an important day for our whole school community. As Calum and TJ have reminded us, we have an enormous amount to be grateful for especially the generous people who give of themselves to make our community a better place. Thank you!

This Week in the Identity area of the College:

  • We are beginning the Discernment Process to select pilgrims for our solidarity immersion programs for this year.
  • As a College community we continue the journey of Lent towards the liberation of Easter.
  • The Paddy’s Van ministries continue to work at helping people in our community to experience liberation.
  • We celebrated Harmony Day, recognising the diversity that makes Australia a wonderful place and St Patrick’s a great community to belong to.
  • We pray for all of our young men as they prepare for their final assessment work for this term that they achieve success that energises them to keep growing.

Mr Tim Kenny - Dean of Identity