In last week’s newsletter article, I shared some of our findings from the Tutor Group Mentoring and Senior Mentoring programs and stated I would share some more this week. The following tables and graphs summarise the breakdown of time spent by students doing study and homework during the week and on the weekend. This data provides a platform for a great deal of discussion and analysis, amongst staff and with students. With any data collection, one must be aware of survey error; in particular, one type that is known as measurement error. For example, students incorrectly answering questions. This is something we will improve each time we gather this data. Some points noted:

  • Some of our students may have misread the question and answered TOTAL hours spent per week. For example, 16 Year 6 students doing more than 3 hours of homework per night would appear to be an anomaly!
  • In general, it appears that our students consider the weekend as a ‘homework/study/assignment free’ time – 1.1% of our student body do no study or homework on week nights compared to 7.4% on the weekend
  • Approximately 40% of our Year 11 and 12 students are only doing 30 minutes to one hour of homework/study/assignments each night and 20% are doing the same amount of study on the weekend. It is difficult to see how they could be staying on top of their academic commitments with this small amount of time committed to their study.


Ms Elizabeth Gaber - Dean of Administration and Business Intelligence