Week 4 of Term 4 marks the last few lessons for our Year 12 men. For the seniors of 2016 it is certainly a week of mixed emotions. The excitement of finally coming to the end of their education was all too obvious. So too, however, were those tears rolling down their cheeks. On Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate mass with these men. During this mass their time was compared to that of a new born baby. The simple message being that it was time for them to leave the womb. Any longer in the womb of St Patrick’s would be detrimental to their development. Thursday, saw a complete change of pace with the Staff putting on a BBQ for the year 12 group. With the students’ bellies full the St Patrick’s staff decided this was the best time to challenge the 1st Union side to a game of touch football. I am pleased to say that our strategy worked better than expected. After two burgers, three for the forwards, these young men were found wanting. In dazzling style staff where victorious over the seniors of 2016, 6 tries to 4. If you read it in the Calling it must be true, right?

Monday, will see the senior cohort attend their final College Assembly. This ceremony will also serve witness to the changeover of House flags from our current House Leaders to those of 2017. This magnificent tradition of exchanging ties will also occur at this time. The current College Captain, Zac Harmer will hand over the Captain’s tie to the incoming College Captain, Thomas Giuliano. This day, will also see many of our Year 12 men pass their College tie to their little brother. To complete their final Assembly the entire College will form a Guard of Honour out of respect for the dedication these men have shown St Patrick's during their 8 year journey with us. For those attending this event, we ask that you are seated in the Christian Brothers Building by 8.30am.

Fight the good fight

Darren Kearney – Dean of Students