Many of our students participated in the ICAS English Competition this year and achieved outstanding results as shown in the table below.

ICAS is a great test of students’ ability in a range of English literacy skills including: reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar usage. As we all know, English is one of the most important subjects studied at school as it develops students’ written and spoken communication skills which underpin all the other subjects whilst at school and allows students to fully participate in life after school. The better they are at communicating, the more fulfilling their lives will be. English is also the only subject which is a prerequisite for TAFE and university studies (check this out in the QTAC booklet). Achieving a Sound Achievement in English is critical for further study and it also helps students in their search for employment after school. Encouraging your son to do his English homework and to build his capacity in this area is essential for success at school and success for life after school.

Congratulations to these students.

Ms Susan Werba - Head of Curriculum English