Tutor Groups for 2017

Currently, the St Patrick’s College pastoral system is based around nine very successful Houses, each with six Tutor Groups of approximately 24 students. In 2017, the College will be increasing the number of Tutor Groups per House from six to eight in an effort to decrease the number of students per tutor group to 18.

To facilitate a smooth and easy transition for students and their families, we are first asking the men of St Patrick’s to consider volunteering to be a member of one of these new Tutor Groups.

Students have been asked to reflect on the following when considering this option:

  • These new tutor groups will need effective leaders. Years 11 and 12 ‘Men of Action’, students who have strong leadership skills and can help build a positive culture within these new tutor groups.

We understand that for some students their reason for volunteering will be to achieve a fresh start with a new group of people, both staff and students. Although this is a valid reason for changing it should not be the only reason.

The main goal is to develop eight Tutor Groups within each House which are similar in makeup. Tutor Groups with a mixture of new and current students, and an even spread of ability. We will also consider relationships between all members of our community in this process.

St Patrick's will still be maintaining our vertical system within each Tutor Group of approximately 2 students from each grade.

If at any time you have concerns or need to clarify this process please don’t hesitate to contact your House Dean.

Brainstorm Productions – Sticks and Stones

WINNER of an Australian Violence Prevention Award

This week, Year 5 and 7 students had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an educational theatre performance that addressed anti-bullying in schools.

Two energetic young performers explored the different forms of bullying in the playground, in the street and at home. It provided strategies for conflict resolution, anger management, assertiveness, and breaking the cycle of violence.

School yard scenarios were used to encourage students to have empathy and understanding: This award winning show placed a spotlight on negative patterns of behaviour through inappropriate modelling from peers, family members, TV and computer games. It examined the link between hormones, adrenalin, the “fight, flight” response and alcohol fuelled violence.

The hard hitting narrative was also punctuated with circus skills to demonstrate co-operation and the use of control through breath, focus and channelling energy into positive pursuits.

If your son is in Year 5 or 7 please take the time to ask him over dinner what he took away from the performance.

Fight the good fight!

Mr Darren Kearney - Dean of Students