This week, has once again been full to the very brim with wonderful student wellbeing activities. It began with the departure of a very excited cohort of Year 9 students on Tuesday morning for their Rite Journey Camp at Brooyar State Forest Gympie. The Rite Journey Program has certainly developed into an important component of the Year 9 curriculum. It is also an important stage within the College’s Outdoor Education Program. The Year 9 camp in the past has proven to be a very worthwhile experience, and I have no doubt that this year’s participants will return stronger and more resilient as a result of their experience.

Attached is an interesting paper by Michael Grose on making sure children help at home without being paid. He explores the notion of pocket money, putting forward the argument that it’s best to expect children and young people to help without being paid. He believes that giving children pocket money is not an issue, but we must avoid linking it to chores. He asks us to rebrand the term ‘chore’ as ‘help’. It is his view that asking children to help out in exchange for money develops in children a self-centred view of ‘What’s in it for me?’. Please click here to view the article, I hope you enjoy.

Fight the good fight!

Mr Darren Kearney - Dean of Students