The question language teachers are often asked: “Why should my child learn another language?” Language teachers see the advantages of learning another language for both academically and socially value.

Some of the most compelling reasons include:

  • Developing awareness of other languages, people and cultures
  • An awareness of people from other cultures within our own community
  • Learning about their own language and culture
  • Mental challenge, learning, remembering and implementing new language laws
  • Sense of achievement gained from understanding and being understood
  • Assist students with aspects of their own language by revising aspects of English such as using verbs, nouns, adjectives and sentence structures

In most cases, when we embark on the journey of learning another language, we start at the beginning and learn individual words then how to put them into a sentence. Students often feel that by the end of the year they should be fluent and this is not that case. They didn’t learn English in one year, so it would be hard to imagine learning another language in one or two years. As with many things, it takes time and patience to learn a language.

Ms. Heather Kopp - Head of Curriculum - Indonesian