It was wonderful to be able to host our Academic Assembly in the Christian Brothers Building. Whilst there is still some work to be completed on the building, it is starting to present really well. I would particularly like to thank the many parents and grandparents who came to celebrate the achievement of so many of our young men from Year 5 through to Year 12. Next week we will also celebrate our Trimester 2 Sports Awards in the venue. This will also be where we hold all of our College assemblies into the future. I am sure that the many parents who were also able to view the building during the Parent/Teacher Interviews could not help but be impressed with the facility. Work has been completed on the Uniform Shop in the Sea View Building and after we have installed a fire hydrant, the Uniform Shop will transfer to this new shop.

I was impressed to see an increase in the number of students who received academic awards on Tuesday. It is an increase from last year’s presentations. We will continue to work to increase these numbers. I would like to especially mention the students from Years 11 and 12 as these cohorts were very well represented. During my address on Tuesday, I mentioned to the students that success in academic work will not come without some hard work. As always, I also recognise that there are some students who have worked really hard and may not have reached the outcomes required to receive a medal. When discussing the idea of academic success, people often relate to one’s intelligence. During the Assembly, I defined intelligence as the capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding and having the ability to use these to deal with new and/or trying situations. My point being that everyone has these abilities and they are important aspects to how we live our life. As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, we often talk about a person using their head, their heart and their hands. Our head represents our intellect, our heart represents our values and our hands the actions that we do. It is our intellect that directs our thinking which in turn forms our values. It is our values that direct the way that we act in many circumstances. My point to our young men was that it is so important for each of us to appreciate our ability to learn and use this gift to improve ourselves. Importantly, we need to be open to learning different things and use our intellect to sift through to what is important to use as these learnings will direct our values and actions.

The College core Teaching and Learning Beliefs Statement says…

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, St Patrick’s College aspires to develop young men who have a passion and love for learning.Our men of action are supported to acquire the knowledge, skills and desireTo make the world a better place.

This statement is underpinned by five core beliefs about learning. These include…

  1. It is a lifelong process
  2. It is best achieved in a caring, engaging and positive environment
  3. It is integral to the development of personal growth
  4. It must be liberating and transformational
  5. It must be inclusive to all

Tuesday’s Assembly was an opportunity for our student and staff bodies to recognise and congratulate the many students who excelled in their studies over the first semester. However, the bigger picture is for St. Patrick’s to continue to nurture all of our young men to understand the importance that learning has on their lives and how it can help them to be better men of action.

On Tuesday afternoon and evening, many parents, students and staff members met to discuss the reports from last term. We actively encourage the boys to attend these meetings so that they can be a part of the conversation and also use the meeting to reflect on their last semester/term of work and consider what needs to be done in this coming term. There seemed to be a very positive energy around the Callan Centre and I hope that the meetings were very encouraging and useful to the students, their parents and the teaching staff.

This term our co-curricular program includes the sports of basketball, tennis and cross-country, whilst the track and field athletes are also in training. We have record numbers of basketball teams and are very fortunate that we have so many staff and past students and parents to assist us with coaching these teams. The facilities within the Christian Brothers building will certainly make the basketball fixtures a great experience. Likewise, our cultural program includes a very busy term for our music and choral ensembles as well as ongoing competitions in Debating and Theatresports.

Next Monday evening we are hosting an update presentation for the parents of our Year 12 students. I would strongly encourage all parents of Year 12 students to attend this meeting as it will give you some very good information about what has happened to date and what is about to happen with the students, no matter which study pathway they are taking. I look forward to catching up with many parents on that evening.

Tomorrow night we will also host our Year 11 Dinner Dance at Kedron Wavell RSL Club. Again I am looking forward to an enjoyable evening and I am sure that the young men and women in attendance will also have a great time.

God Bless

Mr Chris Mayes - College Principal