With the holidays just around the corner I hope you have noticed your son's stress levels starting to come back to earth after an action-packed few weeks full of exams and assignments. This week’s article is based around ensuring that your son is on track to complete Semester One effectively rather than celebrating the achievements and events of the week.

However, I will begin with a quick mention of the staff versus Year 12 ultimate disc match, and the staff versus Year 6 Basketball game that occurred over the course of the last few weeks. It is with great pleasure that I once again congratulate the staff on their well-deserved wins. Yes, our team had a slight height advantage over the Year 6 students and we had twice as many staff as students in the ultimate disc battle, but a win is a win.

To help the young men of St Patrick’s College finish Semester One smoothly we ask that all our families familiarise themselves with the ‘Term Exit’ procedures outlined below.

End of Semester Procedures


  • Locker must be clean and well-organised with a St Patrick’s College issued lock (checked by the House Dean)
  • Library books must be returned (diary signed - Mr Toohey)
  • Assignments must be completed (diary signed - Mr Campbell)
  • Diary must be filled out correctly and in good order (diary signed - Group Tutor)
  • Detentions must be complete (diary signed - Mr Kearney)
  • Computer and computer bag must be in good order (diary signed - IT staff)

Students who have failed to fulfill these commitments will not be issued an exit statement from their House Dean. This will result in these students remaining at the College for the times outlined below.

Years 7, 8, 9, 10 Exit lessons will be held on Friday 17 June.

Students in Years 7-10 who have not fulfilled their commitments will not be granted early leave this Friday at 1:30pm. Those students who have not met with all the expectations of the College will be required to remain at the College until either the commitments have been met or 3:00pm.

The Family Three

As we approach the holidays, I would like to once again discuss what I call ‘The Family Three’. Are we as a family making our boys do activities that test their physical ability, challenge their mental capability and strengthen their connection to family and friends? To assist with this process I make the suggestion to ask for 'The Family Three’. The Family Three asks you and your son to choose three activities that both you and your son commit to doing together over the holidays:

  • Choose one activity that interests your son
  • Choose one activity that interests you
  • Choose one activity that puts your son well out of his comfort zone

Developing true GRIT helps young people succeed. We want the men of St Patrick’s to have more than talent, we want them to have persistence. Which would you choose for your child? Character matters, character is malleable and character is forged under difficulty. At St Patrick’s we need to make grit part of our brand so that character becomes the default mechanism of our ‘Men of Action”.

Fight the good fight!

Mr Darren Kearney – Dean of Students