In this week’s Calling article I discuss our Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 camps, touch on an article by Michael Grose titled ‘Helping Kids be brave’, provide end of semester reminders and detail our block exam expectations.

After a number of conversations with both students and parents following their return from camp I found myself asking the question, would I prefer our young men to return from camp exhausted and sore, or smiling and happy? At the start of the year I spoke to our community during our parent evenings about establishing programs that would challenge your son. Programs that were hard. Programs that would make our young men have to dig deep and work as a team. Many of the activities on camp had been purposely designed to, at times, be slightly too hard. I myself visited all the camps. I witnessed boys riding mountain bikes up a hill that was obviously very difficult. These boys had to encourage each other and work as a team just to get everyone to the top, many on foot. They were exhausted, but they made it. I saw many students climb to the top of a telephone pole and stand on top waving to their friends before they had to gather the courage to jump off. Some students made it to the top, others fell short, but all were applauded for their effort. I personally (due to a challenge put down by the Year 6 students) was hoisted 15 metres into the air by a large group of Year 6 students. From this point I was let go, free falling towards the ground! Was it challenging, and did I need to grit my teeth to get through it? Absolutely. These difficult activities are what builds confidence and resilience in our boys. This develops in them what many wellbeing experts would refer to as 'grit'. The rain and wet clothes also added to developing this grit. If your son came home sore and tired, if he made the statement that the camp was challenging, and at times too hard, then he has had an experience that will strengthen his character and develop his grit.

Provided below is a link to an article by Michael Grose entitled ‘Help Kids be Brave’. It discusses the need for parents to develop a style that is empathetic, but at the same time empowering, so that our young men tackle their fears. It asks us to move away from a parenting style that fixes children's problems, allows avoidance or encourages a ‘get over it attitude’. It encourages parents to:

  • skill and scaffold their sons towards bravery
  • be empathetic, not sympathetic
  • create approaches for independence
  • model bravery

To read more from this insightful article please click the link here - Insights Helping Kids Be Brave link »

End of Semester Procedures

As Term 2 draws to an end we ask all our parents to please go through with their son the checklist below to ensure that they have fulfilled all their commitments.


  • Locker must be clean and well-organised with a St Patrick’s College issued lock (checked by the House Dean)
  • Library books must be returned (diary signed - Mr Toohey)
  • Assignments must be completed (diary signed - Mr Campbell)
  • Diary must be filled out correctly and in good order (diary signed - Group Tutor)
  • Detentions must be complete (diary signed - Mr Kearney)
  • Computer and computer bag must be in good order (diary signed - IT staff)

Students who have failed to fulfill these commitments will not be issued an exit statement from their House Dean. This will result in these students remaining at the College for the times outlined below.

Years 11 and 12 Exit lesson will be held on Thursday 9 June in period 5.

Year 11 and 12 students who have not fulfilled their commitments will not be granted the privilege of block exams. Students in Year 11 and 12 will be required to attend school throughout the block exam period until these commitments have been met.

Years 10, 9, 8, 7 Exit lessons will be held on June 17 in periods 1 to 4 respectively.

Students who have fulfilled the commitments listed in the checklist above will be allowed to finish their term at 1.30pm. Students in Years 7-10 who have not fulfilled their commitments will not be granted early leave on 17 June. Those students who have not met with all the expectations of the College will be required to remain at the College until either the commitments have been met or 3:00pm.

Block Exams - Year 11 and 12

All students are asked to adhere to the block exam expectations below.

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam.
  • Wear the College uniform correctly and in good order - no jewellery etc.
  • Have all necessary equipment.
  • Meet in the Plaza prior to the exam to avoid disruption to the rest of the College
  • Students visiting the College to seek assistance from staff must also be in uniform.
  • Car rules still apply - no passengers.
  • The Library and Plaza can be used for quiet study throughout the day. The Plaza will be made a Year 11 and 12 space across the course of the block exams.
  • Students travelling to and from the College are expected to behave in accordance with the College rules.

Fight the good fight!

Mr Darren Kearney – Dean of Students