On Wednesday 18 May, the Indonesian Club had its first meeting. Students looked at the traditional Wayang Kulit puppets and spent some time making their own puppet. The character, Rama, is the protagonist of the story Ramayana, which is more than 2000 years old. The traditional puppets are made from buffalo skin and are decorated with paint. Tiny holes are punched all over to create outlines and textures of the characters’ clothes. These are then projected onto a screen so that the shadow is seen. Hundreds of puppets are controlled by the Dalang. It’s a difficult job to move and voice the characters.

Klub BaJu meets on selected Wednesdays in the Indonesian rooms and gives students an opportunity to explore Indonesian culture in depth and develop their language skills. For more information, contact Ms Heather Kopp, Head of Curriculum - LoTE.

Ms Samantha Hutchinson - Teacher