The process of selecting subjects for Year 11 is extremely important. I believe that it is one of the most significant decisions a young man has had to make to this point in his life. At St Patrick's, we are committed to assisting students as much as possible in making the most appropriate choices when selecting courses of study for Years 11 and 12.

There are many options to consider. Does your son wish to attend university? Is he interested in further study at a TAFE College? Perhaps he wants to move into the workforce as a tradesman. Knowing what he is interested in and what he is good at, is a vital part of this process.

Consequently, subject selection for the current Year 10s will begin on Tuesday of next week, 31 May. In period 7, I will meet with all Year 10s. At this meeting, I will give each student a subject selection booklet. This will contain all the necessary information about the many different courses offered at St Patrick's. The very same evening is an important one for all parents and boys. An information evening will be held in the Callan Centre commencing at 7pm. It is very important that all parents and their sons attend this event.

Mr Mayes and I will introduce the subject selection process and outline our aims and objectives. The main focus of the evening, however, will be a presentation by Mr Paul Chesher from Business Intelligence Australia (BIA). This is the second year that BIA have worked with our Year 10s. Paul’s company has had extensive experience in the private sector, in particular the mining industry, where for many years they have been involved in testing the aptitude and ability levels of potential employees. Paul has been able to modify this program to one that assists students in identifying their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

The session on the Tuesday 31 May is an introduction. It will be followed up on June 6 and 7. On these two days, BIA will conduct a range of online tests with the students. The results of these will be used to compile an extensive and individual report on each student, which will identify aptitude, ability and career options. In Term 3, from July 18 – 29, the students will take part in a one hour meeting with a career guidance officer, from BIA.

Further important dates for the process are in August. Friday 5 August is an information session for students in periods 1 and 2. Monday 8 August at 7pm is an information session for parents on pathways available to students at St Patrick's, SET Planning and choosing subjects online. Friday 19 August is an important day. This is the Year 10 SET Planning day. Classes will be suspended for Year 10s, who will attend a meeting at a designated time, with their parents, to complete their SET Plan and finalise their subject choices. Please note this day. We realise it is a working day, but it is extremely important that parents are able to attend the interviews with their sons.

I will provide more information on the process in the coming weeks.

Mr Chris Campbell - Dean of Teaching and Learning