I hope the young men of St Patrick’s College looked after their mothers on Sunday. Although my Mother's Day has become more about preventing my own children from burning the house down whilst cooking breakfast for my wife, I do stop and think of the examples that my own mother laid in place for me some years ago. A kindy teacher for nearly 30 years, in a rougher, low socio-economic community, my mother would always pick up three or four children on the way to work, which at the time meant little to me other than the annoyance of sharing my journey to school with many young children. Looking back now, it is obvious that these journeys took her well out of her way and she was doing this to ensure they had the opportunity to attend 'Kindy Garden'. To many she was Aunty Betty from the BIG Rainbow kindergarten, to me, simply 'mum'. I hope all our mothers had a happy Mother's Day - thank you for the lessons you are teaching your boys every day, even when they don't realise it.

As I mentioned in last week's Calling, Week 4 was Men of Action Week. The men of St Patrick's College all stopped to fill out the ‘Not on our Watch’ Anti-Bullying survey last Friday. Please take the time to ask your son about this survey, the questions that were asked and whether he had anything to report.

After looking over the results of the survey can I thank the men of St Patrick's for being up-standers not by-standers. They demonstrated the courage to let us know about students who they believe were being bullied, and students who were doing the bullying. Our promise as a Pastoral Team to the St Patrick’s community is that we will challenge any students who have been listed as bullying and provide assistance for those who have been listed as victims of bullying.

As we moving into the middle weeks of the term I will use this weeks article to remind all members of our community of the following issues that can arise around this time in the term. These are:

  • Uniform – Hair needs attention and shoes are not polished. Students are also wearing bands of some type around their wrist. The expectations in regard to hair and grooming are clearly set out in the Student Diary on pages 133/134. Please revise these if needed.
  • Public transport behaviour – Can I also ask our parents to join with the St Patrick’s College staff in reminding the men in our care to behave appropriately and to be ‘Men of Action’ when travelling to and from school.
  • General manners - As we all know, a simple “please” and “thank you” can go a long way. Tuckshop manners – the Tuckshop volunteers in particular have expressed concern about the manners being displayed by the younger students from Years 5-8. Please take this opportunity to remind your son of the need to use his best manners at all times, especially with those who assist us every day by working within our wonderful Tuckshop. Remind you son that by saying 'please', 'thank you' and removing your hat as you are served, you are telling those around you a great deal about the type of man you are.
  • Camp attendance – This term we are running camps for Years 6, 7 and 8. St Patrick's College prides itself on providing a holistic education and our camps are a compulsory part of the curriculum. If you haven’t returned the required permission / medical forms can I ask that you do so by the close of Week 5. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to call your son's House Dean.

This term St Patrick’s have launched its ‘Positive Reward Points – Bike Raffle’ program. The purpose of this program is to promote positive interactions between students and staff - teachers, groundsmen, cleaners, teacher aides, office staff, tuckshop staff…anyone who works within the College. Please ask your son if he has received any tickets so far this term, and what they were for.

Below is a list of some of the reasons tickets may be given out:

  • Using good manners
  • Wearing uniform correctly
  • Using diary correctly
  • Neat work
  • Leaving area clean and tidy
  • Having a go at something
  • Encouraging others
  • Actively participating
  • Following instructions immediately
  • Having all the correct equipment
  • Starting work promptly
  • Listening to others respectfully
  • Sitting on the chair correctly

Fight the Good Fight!

Mr Darren Kearney – Dean of Students