It is hard to believe that Term Two is already upon us. I hope your family got the chance to stop and enjoy each other’s company over the Easter break. Once again the St Patrick’s community has a big term planned. There are many lunch time Inter-House activities planned for our Years 5 and 6 students, Camps for the Years 6, 7 and 8 and Year 11 will begin their Leadership Development program.

Term Two also marks the start of the Rugby and Football season. Training and trial games are well underway and the numbers of students participating is very promising. If your son has not signed up please ensure that he still plays a part in the St Patrick’s community by attending the games as a supporter. Can I remind all students that they are required to be in their formal uniform when attending College games as a spectator. Personally, I am looking forward to meeting many of our families down at Curlew Park over the course of Term Two and can not wait to ride the ups and downs of the season with the men of St Patrick’s.

I have also included below the College Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators. Please remind yourselves of this Code as we begin another significant sporting season.


  • Most fields will be roped off or have a line that all spectators should stay behind. All spectators must stay behind these barriers.
  • Spectators are not to go on field at half-time or join in half-time talks unless specifically requested by the coach.


  • As mentioned earlier, please stay behind the ropes. Parents are not to go on field at half-time or join in half-time talks unless specifically requested by the coach.
  • Respect and support the decisions of your son’s coach. The boys play organised sport for fun. They are not playing for the entertainment of spectators only, nor are they miniature professionals.
  • Applaud good performances and efforts from each team. Congratulate all participants upon their performance regardless of the game’s outcome.
  • Respect the officials’ decisions. If there is a disagreement, follow the appropriate procedure in order to question the decisions and teach the boys to do likewise.
  • Never ridicule or scold a boy for making a mistake during a competition. Positive comments are motivational.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches, officials or players.
  • Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them, there would be no game.
  • Encourage players to follow the laws and the officials’ decisions.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language, harassing players, coaches or officials.
  • Avoid use of derogatory language based on gender.

College Inter-House Cross Country - Friday 15 April

This Friday is the College Inter-House Cross Country, a wonderful event based on participation and enjoyment.

It is a Special Event Day and all students are expected to attend unless they have a medical certificate. Students who are injured and cannot compete are to assist Mr Locke and Mr Kearney during the competition. Dress of the day will be full Sport Uniform (House HPE shirts, HPE shorts, white socks, trainers and hat). Year 12 students may wear their House Senior T-Shirts.

A brief time guide for the day is as follows:


Safe Driving Course

I was glad to hear from a few of our families that one of their holiday projects was to undertake an Attitudinal Drivers Workshop with their son. This course was run by the emergency services out at Victoria Point. These families felt the course was extremely worthwhile for not only learner drivers but any level of driver. The families involved have included a link to the relevant Facebook page - click here » . It is a $2 donation to attend.

Fight the good fight!

Mr Darren Kearney - Dean of Students