Thursday 24 March will be S2G Day! Students across the Houses have been working hard to raise funds for their various charities and a number of young men have already returned $150 or more to ensure that they will be at the Wet 'n' Wild reward day in Week Two of Term Two. Ryan House are currently out in front as our leading House fundraisers, but Treacy, Mooney and Xavier are all just behind. A number of Tutor Groups are keen for a slice of the pizza party reward action with M2, X2, C5, K1, M5, O1, Q2, R1, R5, R6, T1 and X1 all fighting for top honours.

We ask all students to attempt to raise $30, with incentive rewards given to anyone who raises over $50. We've also provided family incentive amounts to help make the trip to Wet 'n' Wild a little more achievable for keen families. The student who raises the most is awarded a gift voucher of their choice - last year's winner raised over $300!

S2G is always a great way to finish the term - if you are free on the day we would love for you to join us following the Easter Liturgy. S2G will begin at approximately 9:45. Students can choose to run or walk the course, with staff positioned along the route and also walking with the young men. Students will return to a House BBQ before being dismissed at 12:30pm.

Some key reminders about the day:

  • Slip, slop, slap!
  • No bags or electronic devices will be allowed on the run/walk - there are 3 designated water stops on the 9km out and back course.
  • Year 5 men will be walking alongside their bigger brothers.
  • PE uniform/Cross Country uniform or Year 12 House shirts only.
  • Coke ($2) and Powerade ($4) will be on sale at the College to contribute to the S2G funds.

Please return all S2G donations and cards to the Main Office ASAP and enjoy the S2G Day!

Ms Zoe Morgan - Dean of Administratio