As we approach the holidays I would like to discuss what I call the 'Family Three’. At the start of this term I spoke to many families about the need to do activities that challenge your son. Activities that test their physical ability, challenge their mental capability and strengthen their connection to family and friends. To assist with this process I make the suggestion to ask for the ‘Family Three’. The ‘Family Three’ asks you and your son to choose three activities that both you and your son commit to doing together over the holidays.

  • Choose one activity that interests him.
  • Choose one activity that interest you.
  • Choose one activity that puts your son well out of his comfort zone.

To support this concept I have attached a link to an article by Michael Grose entitled ‘True GRIT helps kids succeed’ (article link here»). Within this article the question is asked ‘Talent or Persistence. Which would you choose for your child?’ Here Michael makes the point that character matters, character is malleable and character is forged under difficulty. He also challenges us as families to make 'grit' part of our brand so that character becomes the default mechanism of our sons.

As this is the last issue of the Calling for Term One, I would like to say “thank you” - thank you to the St Patrick’s community for the manner in which you have rolled out the welcome mat in my first term as Dean of Students. Have a great Easter break, and Fight the Good Fight!

Mr Darren Kearney - Dean of Students