I had the opportunity to fly to Sydney over the weekend to show our exchange students some of Sydney’s sights. Over the two days we walked about 30 kilometres. Our Saturday started with a three hour walking tour of Sydney. We were able to see the Rum Hospital, aspects of the Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park and the anchor from the H.M.S. Sirius, part of the First Fleet. Our tour ended in Circular Quay and after a quick lunch we were on the bus to Bondi. Unfortunately for us most of the beach was closed due to the rough conditions but we were able to have a swim, checking off one more thing from the bucket list. Dinner was on the rooftop overlooking the Harbour. We were also treated to the fireworks for Chinese New Year.

Sunday saw us at the Opera House and climbing the Pylon Lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view was spectacular. Then we went to Paddy’s Market to buy souvenirs. As we had some extra time, our group went up to Sydney Eye for a higher and wider view of outer Sydney.

These young men enjoyed the opportunity to explore another city in Australia and to see places they have only viewed in photos and on television.


Ms Heather Kopp