We are currently seeking prize donations for the Shindig on Saturday 19 March. Do you happen to own a small business or perhaps you might be willing to ask your place of employment for a prize on our behalf? Anything you are in a position to give would be greatly appreciated and in acknowledgment of your support we will place a logo on our Powerpoint and provide verbal acknowledgement via the MC on the evening.

We are also looking for volunteers who may like to assist in the lead up to the event with such things as centrepiece ideas, ordering pizzas for student helpers, etc. Each job would be small and may only require an hour of your time. Alternatively, we are also seeking assistance with the setup of the Callan Centre on Friday 18 March. If you have any time to give, even if it is only an hour or two we would greatly appreciate your support.

Please contact Stacey Bishop if you would like to assist in any way:

  • Phone: +617 3631 9052
  • Email:

Thanks in advance for your support. We hope you can join us at this year’s Shindig - bookings via the College website homepage - link here».

Mrs Stacey Bishop - College Development Manager