The College that was lifeless due the summer holidays has sprung to life with a sense of excitement as the new school year begins. I hope the extended break has been refreshing and relaxing for you all.

With the return of school and the ongoing construction site, we must be conscious of some previous issues, in particular with the volume of traffic around the College during drop off and pick up. The safety of the students is paramount, so we ask you to follow a few simple rules:

  • No double parking
  • No dropping off and picking up in driveways or bus zones
  • Use the two minute areas on Park Parade and Yundah Street
  • No driving into Twamley Street to drop off students

As per previous years, staff in 2016 returned a week earlier than students to attend a number of professional development days to guide their practices throughout the year. Professional development undertaken at the start of this year included:

  • The Role of a Catholic School in the 21 Century
  • Marzano’s The Art and Science of Teaching
  • Use of data to focus our teaching strategies
  • Child Protection and EREA Code of Conduct policies
  • St Patrick’s College Improvement Agenda

Parent and Student Information evenings have been well attended and an invitation is extended to all Year 12 parents to attend the upcoming evening on Monday 8 February. All Year 12 students are expected to be present for the afternoon as they undertake leadership activities before meeting with parents for the information session.

If you as a parent have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the relevant staff. We strongly promote the partnership between home and school.

Mr Frank Torrisi - Deputy Principal