The end of the school year is very near with the Years 10 and 11 students entering block examinations and all other year levels having significant assessment to complete. It is essential that studies take utmost priority over the next week. All Year 5-9 students will be dismissed at 1.30 pm on Friday, 27 November. I ask parents to ensure their son attends school right up to this date. Normal buses will be arranged to transport the students at this time. Before going on holidays every student must have all his assessment complete. He must also return all library and textbooks plus his laptop and charger. Year 8-11 students must also empty and clean their lockers and leave their locks locked on the outside of their locker. If a student loses his lock he will be charged a $15 replacement fee.

Exit Procedures for Years 10 and 11: All students in Years 10 and 11 will be required to complete an Exit form before they have the privilege of block exams. This form will be required to be signed off by various staff members:

  • Library books by Library staff
  • Lockers and locks by House Deans
  • Assessment by Mr Campbell
  • Incomplete duties/detentions by Mr Torrisi
  • Laptop by IT staff

The form has been developed to ensure students are held accountable and serves as a check that your son has completed all his duties at school. Year 11 students will be dismissed throughout Period 5 and Year 10 students during Period 7 once they have completed their Exit process.

Exam Block Privileges: This allows boys in Years 10 and 11 to stay home when they do not have an exam. This allows students to stay home when they do not have an exam. This time should be used in a productive way that will assist them to achieve the best possible results. It is definitely not a time to get extra hours at their part time jobs. The Library is available for those students who wish to study at school. Some items that need to be reinforced are:

  • Block Exams are a privilege not a right.
  • All normal College rules apply.
  • Not a time to spend at Sandgate McDonald’s.
  • Students must attend school in full College uniform, even if they are only coming to school for a short period of time.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day if they are at school for the whole day.
  • iPods and mobile phone are not permitted to be used on the College grounds

Lost Property: We have a significant amount of lost property in the Student Office. If your son has misplaced any items throughout the term could you please come in and check as soon as possible as all uniform items will be sent to the Uniform Shop to be resold if not claimed by the end of the year.

Finally, I would like to thank all parents for your continuing support and involvement in your son’s education. We frequently promote the value of partnerships with families at St. Patrick’s and I have been very pleased with the level of commitment from our families. I would like to wish every family a very happy and holy Christmas. I hope you are all safe and enjoy the valuable family time together.

Mr Frank Torrisi – College Dean – Student Formation