Hello, my name is Liam Botting in Year 6, Mr Neilsen’s class and I’m travelling to Cambodia this Christmas for 4½ weeks.

I will be travelling with my Mum and Dad and two other families from our local community to volunteer at Feeding Dreams We will spend two weeks volunteering at the Feeding Dreams School in Siam Reap. Myself and the other kids will be in the classrooms with the Cambodian kids, helping them with their English language and other studies, participating in sporting activities and helping to serve the daily meal that the school provides to over 800 children. The adults will help with building projects, obtaining birth certificates for the children to attend school, administrative duties and helping prepare and serve meals. It will be an invaluable, unforgettable experience to see how these wonderful people live, and how we might make a small impact on their lives by rolling up our sleeves and helping out.

How can you help? We are seeking donations of the following items:

  • 'old’ used mobile phones
  • ‘old’ used glasses/spectacles of any prescription
  • ‘new’ toothbrushes

We asked at Feeding Dreams what items they are in need of the most and these items are what they desperately need. Any donations of these items would be great. Please drop them off to the box in Mr Neilsen’s classroom anytime up until the end of the school year.

Thanks so much!!

Cheers, Liam.