We currently have a number of staff and students taking in an immersion experience in Timor Leste. Work has begun in earnest on the following three projects:

Group one: Gleno Trade Centre (pictured). This project was started by our 2013 immersion team. Our current group are in the process of installing the final external flashings/guttering, large benches inside the centre for engines to be repaired and the centre will be equipped with tools and spares.

Group two: Repair and maintenance of the Dan's Motel accommodation . This is used by many Edmund Rice schools. The team are attempting to make it rat-proof and upgrading the kitchen and laundry facilities:

Group three: Cutting a building pad for the future construction of a small workshop that can be used by the locals to make furniture/coffins/crosses and also train the local youth. This will be an ongoing immersion project. The workshop may also house a tool co-op. Currently there is no facility like this in the hills and could provide a steady income stream for the locals.

Mr Paul Corfield - Acting Assistant Principal - Identity