On Monday evening, 24 August, there is a very important meeting for Year 12 students and parents. A representative from the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) will speak to Year 12s about the processes involved in applying for admission to a tertiary institution after Year 12. There will be a demonstration of the online application process. As well,any questions that you may have will be answered. The QTAC talk begins at 6pm in the Callan Centre. Prior to this, displays will be set up and manned by representatives from a number of our universities. From 5:30pm there will be an opportunity for parents and students to collect information and ask questions about any or all of the Universities. It is strongly recommended that students and parents attend this evening.

Tomorrow (Friday) is Year 10 SET Planning so there are no classes for Year 10s. All parents and students have received an interview time. All interviews will be conducted in the library. A number of forms must be completed beforehand and brought to the mentor meeting. These forms include:

  • a completed SET Plan
  • white and blue card applications (if applicable). If completing these forms please make sure you have appropriate forms of identification - student card with student signature, passport or birth certificate (an extract is acceptable)
  • subject selection receipt. Please bring student laptops in case changes need to be made. Please ensure that your son has money in his print balance should another receipt need to be printed.

Alteration of Assessment Date

  • Sose
  • Year 7
  • Advertised Date: Week 8B Tuesday 1 September P 6/7
  • New Date: Week 10B Monday 14 September P 1/2

Mr Chris Campbell - Assistant Principal - Curriculum