This week marks a significant one for all Catholic schools as it provides us the opportunity to celebrate and promote our distinctive mission and ethos. The theme for celebrations this year is: Engaging Minds. Igniting Hearts. Serving Others.

Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in our schools and those in the wider community by challenging our young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society.

As a Catholic school our education is faith based, placing Jesus at the centre. We nurture in students a commitment to social justice and a critical social consciousness. The Scriptural reference "Let your light shine" (Matthew 5:16) is embedded into the message this year, challenging us as Catholic schools to share this good news.

Every day I am amazed to see the way our young men let their light shine. I am lucky enough to see many of them regularly involved with the Paddies' Van. I am always blown away by the enthusiasm of our young men in volunteering, as well as the care, compassion and humility that accompanies their interactions with the patrons of the van . Having been part of the Paddies' Van now for the last seven years I have always seen this as a way we shine our light. We live the message of Jesus by showing care to those in our community and it provides our students with the opportunity to embrace the Catholic ethos in a different way.

Last Friday it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the Grandparent's Mass. This Mass is one of the highlights of our Liturgical calendar, celebrating the important relationship with our grandparents. It can't be said enough how special the relationship is between our children and their grandparents. As a community, the Mass lets us celebrate this unique relationship and we certainly fully embraced this with almost 600 students and grandparents in attendance. The Mass also marked another significant milestone in our College with Fr Anthoni Selvaraj celebrating the Mass with our parish priest Fr Modestus. Fr Anthoni has only recently joined the College in his role as Chaplin but is already starting to make himself known in the community. We would like to thank all the students and grandparents for making this occasion a special one - certainly a great highlight was seeing our young men locked arm in arm with their grandparents for the St.Patrick's Call.

Mr Paul Corfield - Assistant Principal - Identity