Mr Joe Kadel has been a member of the Indigenous Education team at the College since 2012. Here he shares a little of the work he does quietly behind the scenes and the relationships he has built with our Indigenous students.

My name is Joseph Kadel and I am a Kalkadoon born man from Mt Isa, far west Queensland. Although I was not born here I have been a local to the area my whole life and have loved every minute. I started working at St. Patricks College in 2012, as part of the Indigenous Homestay program, to assist young men with their school work, as well as help them settle in to the completely different lifestyle that they needed to adapt to at a very quick rate. I originally took on this job because I believed in what the school was trying to achieve, which was not to go and tell young indigenous men from rural areas what was best for them, but to give them a chance at something they may never have thought possible before. The great thing in my mind was that the choice these young men made coming to the College was one they were making - to come down to a major city, unlike their own, and try to get the education they so rightly deserved. By making this choice, they were showing everyone that they wanted to put the effort in, and as a young Indigenous man myself, I have respected their decisions and wanted nothing but the best for these young men on their journey to success.

What does my work include?

I support the students in the classes where help is needed; however the priority is Math and English. The more fun side of my job is just being involved with the young men themselves. It's the part of the job where I get to be a mentor and friend. We can be talking about a game of footy that was recently played or talking about how their weekend was and then move straight on to whether or not they have their English assignment completed...which is sometimes due next period! If I could say anything about my position in one word, that word would be "relationships" - it is all about the relationships that we have developed with one another. Admittedly, to find the perfect combination of a respectful friendship, as a staff member, took some time, but the end result has definitely been worth it.

What I like about working at St. Patrick's?

St. Patrick's College has been a great place to work over the last few years. From the amazing view of the Bay, to the manners shown by all students, all the way through to the variety of the tuckshop menu, there's nothing bad I could say about working at St. Patrick's. The great thing about my job is once again the friendships I have formed with all the students of the school. Whether we are crowded around in our little office playing the didgeridoo or just having a bite to eat and a yarn, there is never a dull moment. With lunchtimes full of non-stop jokes and laughter, there isn't much more I can ask for.

Be sure to say 'hi' to Mr Kadel next time you see him quietly going about his important role here at the College.