Last Friday, I travelled to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on an excursion trip with 60 other Year 10 students as part of our Legal Studies unit. While there we had the opportunity to experience a multitude of different cases and learnt a lot about the Australian legal system. I personally got to experience about 5 different cases, including 3 sentencing hearings. Two of the earlier cases were moved to later dates, I was told this is quite a common practice in the courts.

On the day, there were a variety of cases to be observed. One was a case where a gentleman was charged with misuses of a carriage services to harass and menace a person. He was only given a $500 bond with an 18 month good behaviour bond as his actions were not deemed to be threatening. It amazed me just how thorough the prosecution and defence were in some instances.

This experience has opened my eyes to some of the illegal behaviours that do occur in public, it has also lead me to believe that I may want to pursue a career in the legal system in the future as I believe that it is quite interesting.

I would like to thank Mr Brough, Mrs Gillions, Mr Merrett and Ms Paton for taking us on a very interesting experience.

Sam Essex - Year 10 Student