Many teachers from schools across Brisbane attended Dr Peter Vardy's Conference at St. Patrick's College on Tuesday 12 May. Peter spoke about Ethics and Values and the need to teach these concepts to our students. His session began with an exploration of 'what it means to be human' and what distinguishes humans from other life forms such as animals. On this basis he then spoke about how ethics should form the foundations of all human behaviour in situations of war, capital punishment, relationships and corporations. Peter asks us to question how decision-making takes place and whether we have leaders in all fields of endeavour who are able to make moral, ethical decisions for altruistic reasons to support the common good or whether leaders are making decisions based on personal gain and glory. Peter's presentation was dynamic and engaging. He used segments from popular movie texts to illustrate his points. This material appeals to young people as moviegoers and asks them to critique behaviours and engage in open discussions about ethical behaviour.

Dr Peter Vardy was Vice Principal of Heythrop College, the specialist Philosophy and Theology College of the University of London, from 1999. Currently he lectures in Philosophy of Religion. Prior to becoming an academic, Peter was a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and of the Institute of Marketing as well as Chief Executive of a number of listed and unlisted companies and a partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants.

Peter Vardy's books have been translated and published separately in the United States, Poland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Australia and Indonesia. In Britain, the 'Puzzle' series of books have, for fifteen years, been the best-selling titles for students studying Religion and Values. Peter is regarded as one of the leading experts on Values Education in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and New Zealand he introduced the 'Five Strand' approach to Religious and Values Education and has been described by 'The Times Higher Education Supplement' as 'one of the heavyweights in the field'. He is a former consultant to Melbourne and Geelong Grammar schools in this area and was the founding editor and is now the consulting editor of DIALOGUE AUSTRALASIA, a magazine published three times a year in Australia and New Zealand and intended to bring the latest and best philosophical and theological thinking on issues in ethics, philosophy of religion, science and religion and the Hebrew and Christian scriptures to teachers and Year 11 and 12 pupils in Australia and New Zealand.

Ms Susan Werba - Head of Curriculum - English