In 2014, I wrote of the College's decision to investigate and adopt a pedagogical and curriculum framework. As such, we began the process of implementing Dr Robert Marzano's Art and Science of Teaching. This framework is not so much concerned with the content which is required to be taught, but rather the way in which this content is to be disseminated.

Last year was very much an investigation and introductory stage. This year will see the first steps in a specific implementation of Dr Marzano's work. The framework focuses on 3 different lesson segments, 9 design questions and 41 separate elements. College wide, the teaching staff will focus on the first of these 9 design questions and the first of the 41 elements.

Hence, each teacher will have as a centre point of their lesson and unit design, a clear focus on providing clear learning goals. This means that students from Years 5-12 in every subject throughout the day will be shown the learning goal for each lesson. This goal will be broken into 3 areas:

WALT – “We are learning to…"

TIB – “This is because …"

WILF – “What I'm looking for is …"

These 3 areas of the learning goal should be effective in ensuring all students are able to follow the objectives of each lesson.

Next week I will write about two other areas. The first is the idea of performance scales, which will be designed to measure the effectiveness of the learning goal. The second is the requirement for each department as well as each teacher to select another of the 41 elements as a departmental and/or personal focus.

Mr Chris Campbell - Assistant Principal - Curriculum