The start of a new school year always brings with it a mixture of emotions and the year can often be overwhelming and busy. Here at St. Patrick's College we are used to busy weeks with assignments and study and weekend sport dominating the lives of both our young men and our parents. However, with the packed schedule of our schooling it is always important for us to remember our identity as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition and what this means for all of us.

More than 250, Edmund Rice was born, and, as we know, he went on to educate the poor boys of Ireland – he nourished their bodies by feeding and clothing them, he nourished their minds by giving them a good education, and importantly, he nourished their hearts by teaching them about the Gospels and encouraging them to serve others.Today, at St. Patrick's we hope that our young men will take and value the opportunities given to them to have their own minds, bodies and hearts nourished so that they can fight the good fight and make a difference in the world. In our Christian Brothers schools we are guided by four Touchstones; Liberating Education, Justice and Solidarity, Gospel Spirituality and Inclusive Community. Over the course of the term I hope to tell you what each of these Touchstones are about and how they guide what we do here at the College.

The next few weeks are certainly very busy. We begin with our first College Mass for the year on Friday 6 February at the Boondall Entertainment Centre. This Mass celebrates the Induction of our Seniors into their role as leaders in our community and also takes on an added significance with the Induction of our new College Principal Mr Chris Mayes. We hope all parents and family members, particularly of our seniors, are able to join with us at this Mass as we celebrate this significant milestone in their son's lives.

Our Service Programs will be in full swing very soon with our Year 9's and 10's participating via the Paddies Van as part of some of the subjects they are studying. Our Service Programs have always been strongly supported and are an integral part of this College. Our Service Programs continue at the following times:

  • Tuesday Morning Breakfast - Decker Park, Brighton
  • Tuesday Afternoon - Zillmere Library
  • Thursday Morning Breakfast - Humpybong State School
  • Saturday Night BBQ - Einbunpin Lagoon, Sandgate

On Saturday nights the Paddies Van drives down to Einbunpin Lagoon where we hold a BBQ for patrons within the local area. This is always a great evening and we welcome any new volunteers and families.We are always looking for parents and families to help out on these evenings at the Lagoon. If you are interested please email Helen Righetti in the Student Office:

God Bless and have a wonderful year.

Mr Paul Corfield - Acting Assistant Principal - Identity