I hope that all our young men spoiled their mothers on their special day last Sunday.

It was nice to have some normality in our teaching week with five days of classes this week. Whilst it is hard to believe, we have just completed the fourth week of the term. One of my concerns is that, with so many lost days at the beginning of the term, some young men may have spent these last 4 weeks procrastinating rather than setting up their normal routines for work and study. It is most important that they are in some form of routine by now.

On Monday, our Cross-Country team competed in the AIC Championships. For the first time, we hosted this carnival at Curlew Park. I would like to congratulate Mr Daniel Nethery for his overall organisation and planning of such a great event. Likewise, I would like to congratulate Mr David Brushfield and his team for the state of Curlew Park. Curlew has come a long way from its initial days being converted from a dump site. I received many favourable comments during our first home games and on Monday about the current condition of the fields. It is certainly a pleasure for our young men to compete and train on the fields.

Our students in Years 5, 7 and 9 have been undertaking NAPLAN tests over this week. This year we trialled the on-line tests. You will have observed, from our communications, that things did not go as smoothly or efficiently as we would have liked. This was due to some external factors that caused problems to schools across the country on Tuesday. The issues have improved over the other days. I would like to congratulate our staff and students for their patience and resilience during this time. Whilst the conditions were not ideal, nothing could be done to change them at the time and we will await the outcome of any findings and remedies from ACARA into the future.

Our Year 12 students participated in a leadership workshop on Monday afternoon. I have been impressed by the commitment and efforts of this year’s senior students to date. During the session, they worked on setting strategies to reach their team goals for the remainder of the year. It was an impressive afternoon and evening, led by Mr Bernie Kelly from Global Immersions.

Many of our staff and senior students head off to their KAIROS retreats this Sunday. The KAIROS retreat is a wonderful experience for all involved and I hope that each of the young men enjoy the time to themselves.

This Saturday, we host St Edmund’s College at Curlew for our Year 5-8 teams, whilst our Year 9-12 teams travel to Ipswich. Our Chess team is also competing in Ipswich on Friday afternoon. I hope to catch up with some parents from the younger grades at Curlew Park this Saturday.

Live Jesus in our Hearts!

Mr Chris Mayes - College Principal