Senior Motto 2023

Friday, 02 Dec 2022

At our recent Celebration of Excellence Evening, 2023 College Captain, Samuel Condon gave his first address to the College Community. Below is an excerpt from his address where he outlined the College Leadership's commitment to the College in 2023 and their Senior Motto.

Tonight, marks another steppingstone for the senior cohort of 2023, another leap into the future that is our senior year. Although what does the year entail? How can we make it an enjoyable year for all? 

The College Leaders of 2023 will strive to live up to the expectations of the Edmund Rice touchstones, which are at the centre of each decision we make. Liberating Education – through empowering our community to succeed in all aspects of learning, inside, and outside the classroom. Gospel Spirituality – creating a connection between our people, and our faith, for the betterment of humanity. Inclusive Community – always being present in College life and supporting each other as we proudly represent the school in all pursuits. Finally, Justice and Solidarity – through having a “Band of Brothers” who stand by each other and for what’s right. These touchstones act as our promise to our two great patrons, St Patrick and blessed Edmund Rice.

It takes courage to lead, and it takes courage to stand by what you believe in. Now looking forward to 2023, our senior motto reflects these values.  As a band of brothers… “What we stand for, is who we are”, and we have courage in our convictions.  

In 2023, we ask you to remember to live in the moment, don’t wish for time to fly by, because before you know it, that time is lost. And secondly, I ask you this question? What do you stand for, and what and who does that make you?