Senior Motto 2022

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

Excerpt - Jackson Hughesman College Captain 2022

Tonight, I have the pleasure of introducing the 2022 Senior cohort and the motto we have envisioned.  This cohort has been supporting one another for a while now and we have built a great unity amongst that will help us as College leaders.  We are group of young men, who are eager to contribute to the College in our own special way.  Having such an array of young men willing to step up made the decision of our senior motto a challenge. 

How do you describe a group of men so diverse, uniquely individually and eager to leave their mark on the College and then, how do you create a vision for that year?  When given the task of writing down words associated with our cohort, one common motif found amongst us was the concept of legacy - and how we stand on the shoulder of those who come before. 

One of my favourite songs from the musical Hamilton has a wonderful lyric that symbolises our leadership.  It states - “What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you may never see.” 

I believe this lyric captures the intention of what our cohort is aspiring towards. With our collective individual strengths, we can build a legacy.  Planting seeds in a garden we may never see, thus representing the start of our change, the part of the legacy we can control.  While next year anticipates great change to not just the College but the broader community, we can’t expect to see immediate results.  Instead, we’re planting a seed. Starting something that will grow into something bigger than anyone expected, whether our own individual legacy might be left in a classroom, on the stage, on the field and as a cohort we are all responsible for the legacy we leave behind at St Patrick’s. 

So, when the stress of exams is finally over, our last game has been played, our last performance has been performed, we will leave something bigger behind us for the future men of St Patrick’s.

With that being said, it brings me great pride to announce our senior motto for 2022
‘Building a legacy’

The 2022 cohort is ready to cement their legacy, to leave their mark on the hills of Shorncliffe and in the halls of Morven, and I can’t wait to see where this cohort takes our College. 

Thank you and Fight the Good Fight!

Jackson Hughesman - College Captain 2022