Men of Action Week 2023

Thursday, 16 Feb 2023

Men of Action Week is held every term in Week 4. During this week, our College Seniors lead activities that focus on issues that a true Men of Action can take to make a positive difference to themselves and the world around them. The excerpt below is from our College Captain, Samuel Condon and College Vice Captain, Matthew Crough as they introduced the theme for Men of Action Week 2023.

Men of Action Week 2023 aims to take another step forward to not only bettering ourselves as men, but to bettering our St Patrick's College community as a whole. That’s the ultimate goal of any community, to develop and grow into something that serves a greater cause. As with service ness, comes acceptance, and right relationships. These relationships are at the core of what we believe in at SPC and they are what we hold very close to our hearts as seniors of this great school. Furthermore, this coincides with our motto of “What we stand for, is who we are”, because what we stand for as a Paddy’s man…is inclusivity.

This year the Seniors have chosen a compass as the symbol to represent our Men of Action Week message.
This symbol has also become a key element in our Year of Inclusion theme. Inclusivity can be broken into four major compass points.

As a senior cohort, we pledge to ensure our St Patrick’s College is a community where we all belong through our actions. To be an Inclusive community we must ACT, FEEL, SPEAK AND LISTEN with Compassion.

ACT...we promise to act for any injustices we might see, and challenge those who might be doing the injustice, to re-think, and re-evaluate what they stand for and if they want to be a part of this community.
SPEAK…we promise to speak up for what is right and use our voice to promote the positive wellbeing of others, in order to provide a sense of belonging.
FEEL…we promise to feel the emotions of others and take into consideration what they might be feeling. This empathetic approach will pave the way to a community that empowers others to feel safe.
LISTEN...we promise to listen to those who want to be heard…or to those who might not have the confidence to speak up…or to the people who no one else will listen to. We…will be the ones to listen.
These four points of reference, serve as our pledge to the community…to lead with compassion.

Certa Bonum Certamen.

Matthew Crough – College Vice Captain
Samuel Condon – College Captain