Wednesday, 18 Nov 2020


It is a strange thing when more than one person can look out the same window and see different things. Perhaps this is because of the lens that we choose to look through and/or what we choosing to look for. One thing that this year, above all others, has taught me is that we all have different views and sometimes we can make the mistake that our view is the better because our different view is better.

Whilst your time with us has come to an end and this particular window is closing, many new ones will open into the future. It is my wish that you look out of the window with eyes of wonder, hope and opportunity. A view to be the best that you can be…

I offer these suggestions as lens to look through…


I said to you at the farewell assembly that we will always exist, but living is a whole different view. In existing, we let things happen to us. In living we choose our own attitudes and actions. Good life choices are about who you can be not what you get from it.

This window is about making the ordinary into the extraordinary!


Stages in life are often a steppingstone to the next. Choose to look for opportunity in every stage, dream big and work to make it happen. No one changed the world by doing nothing!

This window reveals opportunity!


 People that achieve to their potential understand the ordeal as well as triumph, they understand the process as well as the result. Do not fear mistakes, because people who confront mistakes will make mistakes. Fear only the absence of constructive responses to those mistakes. Hope is founded on persistence to a cause. 
This window reveals hope!

Choose to cope. What matters most is not the events that happen but our response to them. Life will always have its ups and downs.  Reaching your potential is not about NOT falling down, but about how you get up. Throughout your life, there will suffering, loss, grief, relationship breakdowns and other hard times. During these times, we must feel in full before you can respond in full. Understanding and embracing our emotions is not a weakness it is a way of coping and a way to happiness and well-being.

This window reveals vulnerability!


There will be so many wonderful things that will happen to you in the coming years. Do not get too caught up in the rush to the next best thing and forget to appreciate what you have now. Risk and hug and love. Choose to do things that can brings out the best in others and deliberately choose to be a voice for the vulnerable and marginalized. Wrap your own life in simple pleasures; do not get lost living someone else’s life or dream. 

This window reveals gratitude!

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. It has been appreciated and valued and we are a better place because of you. In return, we hope that we, in some measure, have given you some different views for your future windows. 

God Bless each one of you!

Mr Chris Mayes

College Principal

St Patrick's College