Celebrating Academic Excellence 2022

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2022

Recently, we celebrated our Semester 2 - 2021 Academic Assembly, when we recognised 400 of our students who achieved academic excellence. We were also fortunate enough to be joined by SPC Old Boy, Sam Huth (2014 College Dux). 

Sam is currently completing his degree in Medicine alongside his PHD in Neuroscience. Sam’s research focus is on COVID-19 and in particular the risk of brain injury associated with the infection. He has additional projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He spoke about his learning experience at SPC and how that shaped his future pathway. It was his experience on the SPC India Immersion tour that led to him deciding he wanted to be of service to countries less fortunate than his own. He also reflected fondly on the teachers he had during his time and the impact they had on him as a young man.

Sam Huth (College Dux 2014)

Mr Mayes, our College Principal reflected further on this by encouraging students to view excellence as being the best that they can be - which means different results for everyone.

"The most important person that you need to please is yourself (and you are often your hardest marker). You must appreciate and be grateful for the gifts you have, and combine these with hard work which will lead to your own personal excellence.

Consider your education to be like your passport - a document that gets you places. If I want to travel overseas, I need a passport to gain entry. My passport lets me into place but it doesn't guarantee me an enjoyable time on my travels. My enjoyment comes from the attitude that I take on my travels and the effort and willingness that I put into making the most of my experiences.

Your education is the same - it will open doors for you try new experiences and opportunities – and once you have gained entry into something that you have wanted to try or do, it will be your passion (persistence, effort and attitude) that drives you to enjoyment.

Your best efforts with your education will allow you more opportunities to try different things.

Sam Huth is a great example of what can be achieved when you aspire to excellence in something."


"Consider your education to be like your passport..."

Mr Chris Mayes, College Principal