TERM 2 - 2018: Principal's Message


Dear Members of the St Patrick's College Family,

The student reporting process has changed this year. As a part of our endeavours to transition to more timely, effective and user-friendly reporting procedures we have removed the end of term “point in time” style reports. Our current REALM system allows all parents to have access to their sons’ drafts and assessment results as they are marked and returned to students.

In the case of student exams, when they are marked, teachers will provide results and feedback. This will all be available to students and parents through REALM. As students and parents/caregivers will have access to comments and grades for each piece of assessment “live” as it has been marked, there is no need to have an overall term comment.

The Parent/Teacher interviews will take place on Tuesday 1 May. This time can be well utilised by the staff, students and parents to discuss how he is going in relation to his semester targets and how each young man can improve to achieve these goals or whether the goals are realistic. If he has already achieved his semester target, this is also a good time to reset a new goal for the end of the semester. Consequently, it is most important that your son accompany you to these meetings.

During Term 1, our priority was to ensure that the new REALM system was transitioned into the College as smoothly as possible. I would particularly like to recognise the hard work undertaken by our staff during this time. The new system has not only brought about changes to our assessment, reporting and feedback program but also the introduction of new class pages, subject tiles and all subject units have been revised and written to align with our pedagogical framework. I understand that there have been some instances where things may not have happened as smoothly as we would have liked, and I would like to thank everyone for their patience in this regard. Like anything new, it will take all of us a little time to adjust, but we certainly believe that REALM is a more updated system than we had used in the past. Its full benefits will be rolled out into the community over time as we become used to the changes.

I am sure that the start of next term will be upon us before we know it. Therefore, I believe that the following information is best shared now rather than the first day.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday, 1 May. The interviews will commence at 10:00am and conclude at 8:30pm. Students will not attend school on this day. Students are expected to accompany their parents to these meetings dressed in formal school uniform. Details of the online interview booking process will be communicated to all families. Please note that interview bookings will open on Friday, 20 April.


One way that students can show pride and respect for their College is by wearing their uniform neatly at all times. For Terms 2 and 3 all students will be required to wear the College tie as part of their uniform. Furthermore, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are also required to wear the College blazer and long trousers. Students in Years 5-9 are to wear the College grey jumper. No other jumpers are to be worn. All students are also expected to use the College school bag always.

The College Policy on haircuts and jewellery is very clearly outlined in the “Policies” tile on REALM. It is not unusual that some young men change their hairstyle over the holiday period. However, I ask all parents to ensure that these guidelines are followed when they return to school after their holiday break. We have clearly articulated our expectations to the students regarding this matter and those whose appearance do not fit with the guidelines will be sent home.

Year 10 Student Exchange

St Patrick’s College has been involved in a student exchange program with Archbishop Moeller High School Cincinnati, USA and Vancouver College, Canada since 2002. The original aim of the program was to offer an international experience for some of our students. During the latter part of last year and Term 1, the College Leadership Team (CLT) has reviewed the need for this program.

Since 2002, the College has introduced several immersion opportunities, sporting tours, a bi-annual European tour and Indonesian tour. With the emergence of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders (EREBB) program, the CLT has made the decision to withdraw from the exchange programs with Archbishop Moeller High School and Vancouver College.

This decision was taken after much discussion and deliberation and will take effect immediately. Into the future, we will work to offer more immersion experiences to our student body.

Sport and Culture Program

Once again, this term, the commitment to the co-curricular activities by many of our students and the efforts and enthusiasm of the Paddies Battalion and its leaders was impressive. I encourage all families and students to continue to support the co-curricular program at the College during the second term. It would be my hope that we show that strong St Patrick’s spirit at all the term’s events. This term, our cultural program includes competitions and performances in Debating, Theatre-sports, Chess and Music. Our sporting program includes Rugby and Football, whilst our Cross-Country team is also in training.

As part of the pre-season program for Cross-Country, Rugby and Football, many tours, holiday clinics, camps and games have been held. I would like to thank all students who took time from their holidays to attend these activities. I would particularly like to thank the many staff members who have given their time to ensure that such activities are made available to our young men.

As usual, our young men will be reminded about the importance of sportsmanship and respect during the sporting games. I ask all parents to assist us by reminding their sons of this expectation each week and assist us by modelling the respect that we would expect from our students to opposition players and match officials in our sideline support. Much has been said through media recently about the damage that can be caused by a “win at all costs” mentality. Our attitude is that each young man competes to the best of his abilities and always respects his opponents for doing the same. We have our own high standards in this regard and support each other to stick to these standards.

Term 2 - Important Dates

This term, there are many significant events as set out below.

  • Student- Free Day (Office closed 8.30am – 11.30am) - 16 April
  • Term 2 begins - 17 April
  • Inter House Cross Country Carnival - 24 April
  • Anzac Day Liturgy - 24 April
  • Anzac Day Parade (Sandgate) - 25 April
  • Spirit Assembly (Rugby/Football/Chess) - 26 April
  • Year 12 Formal - 28 April
  • Parent Teacher Interviews (no classes Years 5-12) - 01 May
  • Edmund Rice Day Mass - 04 May
  • Mother’s Day Morning Tea (Curlew Park) - 05 May
  • NAPLAN - 15-17 May
  • Year 6 & 8 Camps - 16-18 May
  • Back to Shorncliffe Day - 19 May
  • College Open Day - 29 May
  • Arts Café Evening - 01 June

It is unfortunate that the first four weeks of the term are shortened by a day due to Parent/Teacher interviews or public holidays. This term is also traditionally one where we have a large percentage of the student body involved in sporting and cultural pursuits. Therefore, it is most important that each young man steps back into his classroom and study habits from the first day of the term as these weeks will pass very quickly.

Finally, I take this opportunity to welcome each member of the St Patrick’s community to a new term, especially the newest members of our community. I hope the holiday period was joyful, restful and refreshing and I look forward to working with you once again during the second term.

God Bless.

Mr Chris Mayes
College Principal